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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. Just like this page. This FAQ page is being updated, so some of the items mentioned above may not show in the FAQs down below yet.
Internet A hodgepodge of computers and routers all networked together. The DNS is what makes it all work. Without the Internet, there wouldn't be an easy way for spammers to send their messages, or for viruses to spread!
Internet-Canada This web site. We provide web site hosting.
Domain Name Computers on the Internet have numeric addresses. Like a long telephone number, it's not very easy to remember. The domain name system makes it easy to name and to find a specific web site. The domain name of this web site is
Virtual Hosting Large companies have dedicated web servers for just their web site. For the rest of us, there is shared hosting, otherwise known as virtual hosting. With virtual hosting, a number of different web sites can all be on the same server. This way, we can host your site for as little as $9.95 CAD per month instead of $995 per month.
Hosting Package We have several different hosting packages. They are mostly differentiated by the amount of storage available and the number of POP email accounts.
My Web Site Won't Load If you have only just registered your domain name, or if you are moving from another server to ours, you will be waiting for DNS propagation to take place. It usually just takes a few hours.
I Can't See My Files! Your files need to be in the /web folder. When you are uploading your files, look for the file "place_files_here" for a hint that you are uploading them to the correct location. This is actually a text file that you can download and read. You can also delete it if you wish. The default "home" page is index.html. If you just uploaded your files to /web and still see the "under construction" page that we placed on the site, you most likely named your home page something other than index.html. Your choices are to remove index.html (assuming you have a valid "home page" file name) or rename your home page to index.html, replacing the default index.html page. All your links to the home page will also have to be updated to reflect the change. Most web design programs will update links when you rename files.
SOHO Small Office/Home Office. A term that describes many startup businesses ran from a small office or even one in the home.
SSL Secure Socket Layer. If a URL starts with https instead of http, and you see a "lock" in the status bar, it indicates that a page is secure. You can right-click on a secure page and then click on PROPERTIES to see the certificate properties.
FTP File Transfer Protocol. A long-established protocol for uploading files to a web server.
CGI Common Gateway Interface. A programming language that runs on a server.
Bandwidth How much data can be transferred per second (or minute, hour, etc.) on a cable, radio link, or by other means. A cable can be made of copper wire or be a fiber-optic cable. When talking about your web site and bandwidth, this is referring to how many bytes are sent to visitors in a month, but should be more accurately described as "traffic".
Traffic How many bytes of traffic is sent from your web site. This can be measured in KB, MB, GB etc. per month

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Modulator-Demodulator. A modem uses tones to send data over a copper telephone pair. Your modem goes off-hook and dials to connect to another modem on the other end, such as your ISP. Before the existence of the Internet, most modems were used to connect two computers together directly.
DSL Digital Subscriber Line. DSL can send data over regular phone lines, but with distance restrictions. A DSL modem, or adapter, is required on each end. See ADSL below.
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. ADSL can send data over regular phone lines, but with distance restrictions. An ADSL modem, or adapter, is required on each end. A regular voice telephone call can be made on the same pair that is carrying ADSL. Most "home" ADSL is 1.5 Mbps download, and 512Kb upload. This is why it is termed "asymmetric." ADSL can be a permanent high speed connection. Business ADSL can be faster and usually cost more.
Firewall A Firewall sits between a local network (or computer) and the outside world and can be used to restrict access to and from the network. The purpose of a firewall is to protect a network from intruders, as well as restricting what outside resources users of the network have access to.

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Internet Service Provider. This usually refers to the company that provides your dial-up Internet connection. It now can also refer to your ISDN or ADSL provider, or even a company providing two-way satellite Internet access. A web host is sometimes referred to as an Internet Service Provider.
Cable Modem A modem that allows data to be sent over a cable TV distribution system. The cable can carry many TV channels simultaneously. A cable modem is a good alternative if you live too far from the CO for an ADSL connection.
CO The telephone companies Central Office. Make sure that new house you are moving to is within three KM of the CO if you are interested in ADSL..
DNS The Domain Name System is what makes the Internet "work". The DNS tells the rest of the world where your site is hosted and how to route email to you. Without it, you couldn't browse to your website or receive email @ your domain.
Name Servers These are Internet-Canada's Name Servers. You will need this information if you are registering a domain name yourself, or moving from another host. If you are registering a domain name yourself or moving from another host, delete the old DNS and enter our name servers in their place. If we registered a web site for you, or if you registered a .CA domain name on our site, the DNS is automatically entered for you.
Secondary Name Server NS2.INTERNET-CANADA.COM

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